Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 2: Senior Ball

College prom. That's the best way I can describe Senior Ball. It's this uber fancy gala held every year at Union Station for boat loads of money. I mean, it costs a leg and an arm for a ticket, so I expected to be super fancy!

We all got super dolled up, and ready for our close up! Dress shopping started way back in February when we started to get bored in class. Fortunately, I got my dress at one of my favorite stores that has recently closed :(. Hopefully I'll find one in Cali....

This is how I imagine I would look if the Prince and Me actually you know, me.

But this is how we actually are.

Y came to join the fun!
After dancing the night away, we meandered our way back to bed for a quick nap. The nap was more pleasant for some than others.

We ultimately "ended," or rather stayed up for the sunrise at the National Monument. It was a beautiful affair, and no better way to end with my lifelong friends.


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