Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 3: It's finally begun

Apologies for the prolonged absence. It's all finally over, and I've only now gotten some time to take a collective breath to even process what has happened.

On Thursday, May 14, the festivities finally began! The morning was spent at Y's graduation ceremony where she finally became a Doctor! I now officially have someone to replace WebMD.

Who would have guessed that I would feel like the giant one day?

Doctor in the house!
Unfortunately we weren't able to stay for the whole ceremony because I had to rush to my very own Convocation ceremony 45 minutes away. Yes, 2 ceremonies in one day. Let's just say tensions were incredibly high when I freaked out that I was going to miss my own ceremony. Buuuut, I may have overreacted just a teensy bit. 

Here I am ecstatic that I made it just in time, with Bae nonetheless! This was the first time in our gowns since freshman year, and they still look like trashbags.   

My family away from home. Obviously a photoshoot was necessary.  

And of course my real family (minus Doctor Y) who physically and mentally supported me through it all!

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