Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 32: A Magician's Trick

Today, I helped host a program that invited a famed magician/comedian mentalist. His name is Sean Bott, and he's been featured on NBC, SyFy, the CW, and more--so I was extremely excited to hear that he would be coming to perform a show on campus!

His expertise is in reading people, and their more impressively, their minds. He was able to guess the names of participant's siblings, favorite movies, travel places, and all other locations just by looking at you! At the end, I went up to him and asked for him to read me, and he gave me one of the coolest (and in my opinion) most accurate description. He was able to pinpoint that I was sweet and happy, but with something else--an edge that is sarcastic and humorous. Apparently, loyalty is very important to me! I was just so amazed that someone could be so dead on after just looking at me. How did he do it? Is it body language? I was literally staring at him with nothing but a smile. But still, it amazed me that he was able to turn tricks that he loved doing, into a full time job. More and more stories of inspiration to follow your dreams!

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