Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just one more before the jump...

So this is Chicago. I'm finally here and settled after a relatively smooth journey (minus one hiccup that involved a delayed flight due to an AWOL pilot). My apartment is fantastic, but since this is my first time really away from home and I know no one yet, I'm still a bit nostalgic for the simple home life. So before I jump into this big foreign city, a final recap of my days in suburbia. What did I even do these past few days at home? Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat? Something like that...

I looked for inspiration at IKEA. The sister and I are redoing the guest room, and I like to frolic in the showrooms.

There may have been a battle between me and some fresh blue water crabs. They put on a good fight, with snapping pinchers and all, but I still defeated them by smothering them in old bay.

And finally, I became a stand in mannequin for my sister and her new camera lens. If I ever wrote a book, I think this would be my "About the author" picture. Wait a minute...this blog has an "about" section too. Have you taken a look at it yet? 

Don't forget, it's Fathers Day today! Make sure you do an extra chore for your dad, or at least have the decency to make a phone call! 

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