Sunday, June 29, 2014

Windy City Pt. 1

How is it almost July? I have only been in Chicago for two weeks, and yet I feel as if my entire summer has already been spent in this beautiful city. Everything about it is amazing--the architecture, the culture, the cuisine, and most importantly the people. The people I have met have been genuinely kind and generous. Especially after visiting both the West Coast and the Mid-West so recently, I have generally observed that the rest of America tends to be friendlier than those on the East Coast, and it's something I can get used to.

    Bye Georgetown! 

    Hello to my new playground! 

   Welcome to Grant Park, which is literally 5 minutes away from my apartment. This is me awkwardly posing by myself because I still had no friends at this point.

    First go at deep dish pizza. Commence food comas! 

    I just happened to bump into some familiar folks in Orlando, Fl. 

    I had to. Did you really think there would be a post about Chicago without this picture? 


   Oh look, I have friends now! One thing about Chicago though is the weather. MOST BIPOLAR WEATHER EVER>@!#@. And that means a lot coming from the girl from DC area. 

I've decided to split my photo dump into two parts! I don't think you can handle the awesome-ness of this city in one sitting. Or maybe I just don't have faith in my computer in handling iPhoto right now. Regardless, I'm setting forth some accountability so that I MUST return and blog! 

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