Saturday, May 31, 2014

One year later and one year to go

It's almost fitting that my last post ended on the topic of happiness. Sure, one year has passed--yet my idea of happiness has only grown to encompass so many more ideals that I may not have addressed before. So, I think it's time to officially start this blog again.

I know, I know...I've said that probably 15 times before. But it's my last year of college! I can hardly believe it, but one amazing summer and two semesters stand before me and my diploma. This new title, "The Art of Now," will push me to embrace the fleeting moments of friendship, education, structure, and the comforts of home.

In two short weeks, I will be heading to Chicago for my first "professional" internship. While I am both nervous and intimated to live in a foreign city on my own, I am even more excited to immerse myself in a completely new experience. I hope to chronicle my journey on this blog, allowing you readers to see my experiences first hand.

Looks like this girl is ready torambleaboutlife again!

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