Saturday, January 8, 2011

Even Charlie was intrigued
So I've just discovered what that wailing was outside my window. For the longest time, late I night, I hear this unbearable wail that sounds like a woman screaming. The first time I heard it, considering it was at about 1 am, I was actually very frightened. But hooray! Tis only a fox! And how do I know that the source of the screeching sound was from a fox you may ask? Well today, I pulled the curtains completely back from my window for the first time in a while, kicked my feet up, had a nice hot cup of coffee, and enjoyed a nice book. But then I see a scurrying animal run across my front lawn (too small to the be the endless deer nom-ing on our grass) which can only be a red fox. Not only is he running, but his mouth is moving up and down! It was the funniest sight! I guess I can only compare it to a dog barking...but I didn't even know foxes bark!

Listen to it yourself, skip to 1:17

Glad to know that there is not a serial killer or psycho in my neighborhood.

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