Thursday, January 13, 2011

Forever and Always Fifteen and you Never Grow Up.

So this ramble will be about Taylor Swift (take a look at the title again...clever eh?), so feel free to skip this post if you are above such frivolous topics. Go ahead, I won't judge!

So this girl has definitely taken the title as America's new "sweetheart," becoming the role model that all parents could want for their teeny bopper tweens while also being the best friend for all the older teenage girls. She has become everything Miley Cyrus can never be--talented, respectable, and innocent.

...or is she?

I definitely have mixed feelings about Taylor. I love her music too much to deny it. Though not vocally astounding, her songs and lyrics are catchy and upbeat; she was just that teenage girl who spoke to you about all her boy troubles and bad breakups.  So real. So relatable. But I also just want to grab her and knock some sense into her. STOP SCREWING EVERY HOT GUY THAT I L<3VEEE. I did that little "heart" thing she uses just for her. Call me bitter, call me jealous (which is all true), but if I hear a song on the next album about Jake Gyllenhaal I am going to delete all of her songs in a dramatic act of defiance. And you KNOW that at least two songs will be devoted to him, and how much she hates him. Normally I love the juicy gossip about Joe Jonas and his 30 second breakup, or how Tay Tay Lautner was the good guy to her, but gurrrlll, enough is enough. Keep your paws and cat eyes away from mature men and stop ruining their lives. It's immature and cruel, and no one should be immortalized in a song so publicly. After her reputation, why anyone would still want to date her boggles my mind.

And Jakey-poo, keep your chin up bb. Taylor Swift will just be that blurb who you, in a moment of generosity, decided to pity date. I'll still love you.

And to Taylor. Your're pretty, and you seem respectable. So why don't you date someone your own age--and maintain some privacy and dignity this time. I suggest you go back to Tay tay Lautner. I'll let you have him.

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