Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mommy blogs?

So lately, I've been obsessesed with  the gorgeous lives behind beautiful blogs like this one, this inspiring one here, and my personal favorite, the rockstar diaries here. How can you not? They are all gorgeous early 20-something women, stylish to the point of being mistaken as a cast member of The Hills, and married to the love of their lives. Their lives are all settled and set, ready to pop out children, all before the age of 25! While I have a feeling that their mormon religion (a similar trend in all those blogs)  may have been a factor to their idealistic lives, I am still jealous. Look at the way they capture the perfect light in the "candid" shots of their walks outside, or the way Naomi dresses her dog in the cutest outfits. The cameras are always top notch DSLR lenses (one day I'll own one too...I hope), that capture everything, including the blur in the background. Their posts are updated daily, and always polished, pretty, and perfect.

I guess it's unrealistic to hope for everything they have; gorgeous loving husbands, quaint houses in the center of the city, and beautiful children all before the age 25 (which, even then, is relatively young to get married in my opinion!) But I like admiring their lives, it gives me hope that there can be perfect lives out there.

So I definitely recommend checking some of those blogs out if you have nothing to do (avert your mouse if it is the day before your exams, like I did. For shame!) . It's an escape to a life that at one point in our lives, we all wish we had.

Even the way Naomi looks 9 months pregnant is even perfect. Sigh, that's the dream right durrr.

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  1. I LOVE THESE BLOGS. especially naomi's. SHE'S SO PRETTY. and i love her "how we fell in love" story. it's so ADORABLE.


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