Sunday, January 23, 2011

Resolutions, execution, normal distribution

Thank you for that entertaining, yet cohesive title! I was actually just looking for something clever to counter the word resolution, because surprise! 3 weeks into January and my New Year's Resolutions have gone down the clogged drain. I promised myself that I would try to stay clean, neat and organized, but look at my jeans! No longer color coded and beautifully folded... 

I think American Eagle would fire me if they saw the state of my closet. And my clean desk has been deluged with papers from exam week. I'm too depressed to even look at them, let alone clean them up . Oh AP Chemistry, go combust yourself. When I Rhyme Zone'd "resolution", the term aqueous solution came up. Could there be a more obvious sign from the gods? 

But I'm moving on, and finally embracing my status as a SECOND SEMESTER SENIOR. What what? The time has finally come to graduate. I'm taking the easiest classes ever. A period of aiding, another period of newspaper class, and my favorite, a period of "Literature as Film" aka, time to watch movies for homework! I already know which class I'll skip from (which I never do of course)! Tehe.
Yummy free goodness
In other news, I have been working a lot. I don't know if I mentioned this, but my fro-yo job worked out in the end, and its been really nice so far. I get freebies all the time from the starbucks next door and the cupcake store across the street, which is basically the reason I even go back. I spend my hours in the store, barely making minimum wage, but a nice cup of starbucks will make it all better. And honestly, who wants frozen yogurt in 10 degree weather? Nobody. To be frank, we're not being very profitable either. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that we can stay open until the summer, but I've already been peeling my eyes open for other jobs. I can see myself as a waitress! Right? All you have to do is look pretty and sweet, which I've mastered. Don't you agree?

Oh, and I brushed my dog's teeth today with beef flavored toothpaste. No big deal.

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