Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 12: Cheers to Friends from Freshmen Year

People always told me that you don't typically stay friends with your freshmen year group. It made sense...friends are initially made out of location/convenience. After freshmen year, we would separate and live on different ends of campus. You were supposed to find your true friends in the activities and clubs right?

Not for me. I found my best friends on day one on my floor and during New Student Orientation. For some reason, we stuck it out. We were all incredibly different with different high school experiences, but it just clicked. It's been a rollercoaster of crazy nights and juicy brunch stories, but I'm glad we always had each other's backs.

September 2011-Our first outing as an Amazing Race-esque team

September 2011- Look, Bae's front and center! This was way before Bae was even a thing. 


2015-We're finally all legal! And about to say goodbye...

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