Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 11: My New Companion

A few days ago I finally bit the dust and ordered a Fitbit. I was so excited for this object to come that I felt like a child waiting for Christmas morning. I was eyeing the tracking number every day, itching to try out my new toy. And behold, it finally arrived a few days later!

So far, I'm definitely enjoying my experience with it. I'm obsessed with how many steps I take a day, and how I can walk just a bit more to increase my number. Today, I wanted to reach 20,000 steps so I walked a friend home just for the sake of it (Unusual on my behalf!)

The stat that I like to look at the most is my active moments. It shows how many steps I've taken and when
The other night, when I didn't quite remember walking home (don't ask), my trusty Fitbit remembered for me. So, I guess I'll never be quite alone!


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