Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 42: GAAP Weekend 2011

Recently I volunteered at a breakfast to welcome newly admitted Georgetown students in our Nursing and Health Studies School. Essentially, my task was to mingle with the parents and tell them why they should pay $250,000 for their child's education. On the flip side, I was also supposed tell the kids why college is super fun. However, I realized that as I was talking, I was connecting more to what the parents wanted to know. Job opportunities? Grad school? Next steps? Check, check, and check. These were the things I cared more about selling, and to be honest newly admitted college students really just care about the social aspect of college life. This scares me...I need to watch Accepted again.

I can't believe it's been exactly 4 years since I first stepped on Georgetown's campus. Surprisingly, I met one of my closest friends at GAAP weekend. I thought that I would never see these people again, but on a campus of 1700 students per class, I was pleasantly surprised. I wonder what I would tell myself if I happened to bump into 17 year old Rambler at the breakfast event. It would probably be something like, "Get your shit together earlier on so you can study abroad." Something along those lines!

GAAP 2011. Oh god...look at those baggy jeans. 

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