Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 29: A moment of peace

Every so often I need to leave campus and go home to find some peace of mind. Today was one of those weekends, and I realize that this will be the last time I get to seek out home as a sanctuary.

I live in the heart of suburbia. Restaurants and malls sprawl a short distance away, and green grass is anywhere you want to look. Some hate it, but I love it. It's the perfect amount of hustle and bustle in your own home without the pressure of the city. I love to hear the laughter of neighborhood kids, I love to smell the changing of the seasons, and I love to seem the blossoming trees. Who needs  to visit the tidal Basin when you have cherry blossoms in your back yard?

Tomorrow it's back to campus. Back to the concrete apartments and the roar of nearby highways. Yet, it still has its own charm. 29 more days to enjoy this city before we peace out!

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