Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 28: Spontaneity

People who know me generally agree that I am not really a spontaneous, impulsive person. I really like to stick to organized plans and schedules. So when an opportunity arises to do something out of the blue, I rarely jump on it. Today was an exception though. My roommate had openings on a free kayaking trip around the Potomac, and I knew I had to seize this opportunity. Kayaking on the Potomac River is on every student's bucket list, so seeing how I still hadn't done it yet, I grabbed on to my chance. Besides, it was a decent day! 

Yet, with my luck, as soon as we got down to the boat house the weather shifted. We were told that the currents were too strong, and that we would have to wait. We struggled with our debate...should we wait and make our trip worth it? Or should we just drink our sorrows away at happy hour? I was pissed that my spontaneity led me to such disappointment, and I vowed to never be spontaneous again! 

Just kidding, my friends forced me to be spontaneous one more time and we decided to go to a tea shop instead of going straight home! A tea shop of all places! But it was actually the most amazing experience. Ching Ching Cha sells both tea leaves and food, and transformed me back to Asia. It was such a zen experience, and utterly relaxing. 

Definitely the look of a girl who looks super athletic after doing some mad physical activities like mountain biking or kayaking right? Just kidding. I was just chilling at home.

So I guess spontaneity wasn't that bad right? 

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