Saturday, April 25, 2015


So the happiest day known to any Hoya is Georgetown day, the last Friday of classes. It's one giant day party in celebration of anything and everything. But for us seniors, it's also a nostalgic day marking the end of undergraduate classes (or just classes) ever. We drink, brunch, dance, drink some more, and frolic outside in the sun.  Every year is always memorable, and this year was no different.

Instead of ending the night passed out somewhere, we threw it back to the 90's--with a hearty round of Mario Party 2. So I say we were successful!

Yolo-ing it up! Last Georgetown day together!

Hope I'm not too heavy for you yet grandma!

Throwback to our picture at the beginning of the year. Too bad our hair isn't as luscious

Nap time! 

The aftermath of the day on my shoes.

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