Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lake House

Well I can't be too predictable right? Not every post will be a new recipe (unless I am willing to become morbidly obese)...but I do have some up my sleeve for another day. Instead, I wanted to show you my Memorial Day Weekend. To sum the trip up in a nutshell, we went on a dog's dream vacation. It's ok though, I had my own fun. I caught up on America's Next Top Model, finished The Fault In Our Stars (tip: don't be reading this while on a road trip with your parents because they will question your sanity), and got more fresh air than I did this entire past semester. 

Our gorgeous house on the mountain top 

Absolutely stunning view

40 degree weather at the end of May...

Only Charlie enjoyed the boat ride
But I enjoyed the fresh air!
And the food
And the ball of fire at night (witnessed fromt the hot tub of course)??
We also played with some snow dogs!
Dog kisses 1
Dog kisses 2
Dog kisses 3
Dog hug! Proceeded by dog kisses 4
Obligatory Christmas card
Wait, this is in Maryland? 
Accurate of how we all felt after the vacation

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