Monday, March 11, 2013

A domestic adventure

So I decided to be domestic this past Saturday night and cooked. Yes, I, queen of processed foods and proclaimed non-foodie, decided to be adventurous. Nothing like a little wine and a paparazzo that alleviated my fears of burning down the house. I made a nice steak and a lemon herb infused quinoa salad. Yay for being two cla$$ acts! 

Because my photographer was feeling artsy

Model shot!

Spotted in the jungle was this rare girl actually cooking!

With a loyal companion as always.

I want some cookies nom! For these recipes, visit this blog here 

Voila! Aren't you impressed?
And the photographer finally makes an appearance cleaning the dishes. 

Now I'm back at school, and back to midterms. Sob. See you in a few months. 

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