Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's been how long??

Oh dear. I'm sensing a pattern with the start of my posts now, with each of them apologizing for the time span that has passed since the last one. So, I might as well give up in apologizing and just go with the flow.

How were your holidays? Mine were filled with family members in the motherland (中国).  It was a good two years since we last saw everyone, and especially now with the grandrents getting so old, it was nice to have a large reunion. It's not everyday that you get to squeeze three generations of family members, many whom have settled far across the world, together in one room. I think the occasion deserved some pomp and circumstance.

What else happened in China you may ask? Honestly, not much. It was just a nice couple of days spent shopping and moseying around. The cold was absolutely bitting, but nothing a large green overcoat couldn't fix!

Eating some sort of animal heart. Yoyo says "Yuck!" and I say "Yum!"

I call this one, "Sitting in mini chair with mini dog" 

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