Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's over!

I am officially done with 1/8 of the college life! It feels like just yesterday when I moved in-yet it also feels like I have created too many memories for such a period of time. I feel like there are two parts to me now, BC (before college) and AC (after college). In fact, my roommate was playing a song the other day that I haven't heard since summer, and the whole situation just seemed off. All I could imagine was driving in 90 degree weather and belching along with the song. Yet I was in my tiny dorm room, drilling myself with the political theories of Plato and Nietzsche. I wouldn't say it's better or worse, but the lifestyles are certainly different.

Nevertheless, I'm glad to be home. I woke up today at 12:00 pm totally guilt free, and just lounged around in my PJ's until now. This is the easy life, and I want it to live like this forever. (Just watch...2 weeks from now, I will be bored out of my mind.)

Me and my candles, my dog, my Christmas tree, and my nook. Yes, I can get used to this.

Silly Charlie...stop moving

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