Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Midterm Madness

Here I am in the library in the midst of midterm season...and I have no midterms? What? Ok...that's kind of a lie. I had an Econ midterm a few weeks ago and a Chinese one coming up, but I can handle that. What I can't handle is the pool of papers I'm drowning in. 2 five papers and 1 seven page paper later, I'm surprised I'm still breathing. For all those high schoolers out there, listen up. Cherish those 3 page papers! My high school did not prepare me for all this "exegetical" writing that I've been doing lately, and I feel like I'm miles behind my peers. 5 pages is labeled as a "short paper" in my philosophy class. Last time I wrote over 5 pages? It was for some bullshit research paper at my internship...but that was after a span of 10 weeks. So how am I supposed to whip 15 pages (my final) out of my ass? It's called bullshitting; every sentence that can be said in 10 words has been expanded to 30 words! So cheers Aristotle, you have helped me reach my telos (purpose in life) in BS'ing papers.

Oh, and I have gained enormous respect for those who have to write hundreds of pages for their dissertations/senior thesis/etc.

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