Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So yesterday I attented my first class of Brikram Yoga. And when I came out, I'm pretty sure I looked like I just walked home from a torrential downpour. (Fyi, never google image the words, drenched, wet, and soaked). So basically the gist of Bikram Yoga is basically the same as normal Yoga, instead the room you are in is heated to approx 105 degrees F. Oh, and 40% humidity. So basically in an atmosphere where you can't breathe. Lucky me though! I was put on the cooler side of the room, say 100 degrees? Whoop! I really did want to pass out many times; my head was so dizzy I lost feeling in my hands. It's strange, I felt more exhausted in doing the simple poses in that damn heat than I would by physically exerting myself. Oh and I sweated like I never sweated in my life. Instead of beads rolling down, pools of water were flowing down from every pore of my body. It sounded like a rain forest in the room, with so many drops of sweat hitting the mat at once. But even with all of this, I am going back to another class tonight. Let's see if I'll pass out today.

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