Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guten Tag

So I'm back from my trek across Germany, Austria, Greece, and Italy, and to say I am exhausted (and black) is an understatement.

It's unbelievable how different each one of those countries is, especially with the same distance of say NYC and Orlando. I liked the area of Bavaria the most (which comprises of Germany and describes the neighboring areas of Austria, Swiss, and Czech) simply because of the efficiency and cleanliness. Germany and Austria had all the history and glory Italy has to offer, except without the millions of bumbling tourists. And Germans/Austrians are just plain nicer. I was in the airport for a good 6 hours, and I observed the classiness and order exudes by those Germans. And  boy were they hot. Every single man wore a well pressed suit, reached at least 5'10,'' looked well groomed, and spoke in a melodic voice. (I want to learn German now!). And I'm not describing the 20 some year old businessmen, I'm describing every guy. Yes even the old ones. As soon as I came back to the states, I saw obese, rude, and unhelpful people at every corner. No wonder we're such a melting pot...
It's funny because I was scared of Germany at first. Were they racist? Aggressive? Intimidating? All of the above? But no, they were accepting and kind, and have I mentioned hot?

Greece had a natural beauty, just as Germany had beautiful people. The places I visited (especially Santorini) was as breathtaking as a scene from a movie. Some sights remained untouched by tourism, well others had that perfect charm that fellow tourists flocked too. Donkey Ride for 5 euros? I think yes. Oh this is where I turned black too. Germany was far far too cold and rainy to be called summertime. I think my attraction towards Greece was also towards the relaxation my cruise ship provided. Sure a hot sweaty day under the Grecian sun is great, but only if you have a nice clean and cold cruise ship to go back to.

Which leads me to Venice. I've been here before, but this time is was equally as pretty. Every angle would be a perfect shot for a postcard. But is this city even real? Who can actually live in those buildings by the water, with the windows shut? Who can tolerate the millions of tourists who flock to the square? Who can even afford a 5 euro cappacino?? (aka 7-ish dollars) I swear the city is a fake amusement park, solely up kept for tourists. We lived in a B&B called Allogio Serena, and we were pretty sure the "owner" didn't even live there. But it was cute all the same. We spent our days riding the water bus. Back and forth. We ran out of stuff to do by the second day.

So now I am home, with my empty summer stretched before me. What shall I fill my days with? I've been roommate shopping, but how can you commit? What if it turns bad? Then you can only blame yourself. Should I leave it up to fate and allow the school to chose?

But I am also obsessing over The Hunger Games. I'm proudly able to say that I picked up this trilogy way before  the hype, but with all this movie talk I read it again. Three books in three days. If you haven't read it, its a must. Page turning violence and morality all the way to the end. It surpasses Twilight by 5000 miles, and I might even put it up there with HP. Sometimes HP drags, witch this will never do. SO BUY IT.

Ok, now I really need to find something to dedicate my time to.

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