Monday, May 23, 2011


Prom has departed as swiftly as it came. Swiftly. Taylor Swift. Theme of the night was "An Enchanted Evening" and Enchanted it sure was...and by that I mean the song played.

But seriously. Prom rocked so much more than I hoped. It was surprisingly very typical and movie "Prom-y." Got mah hair did like those girls from...well every flipping TV show (The OC, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl come to mind, not that I watch those shows...anymore.) All the ladies looked cayoot, and we cleaned up pretty nicely. Well, as "nicely" as we can look. Jaykay if you were in my group and is reading this (This is directed to you Kappuh).

My date was the perfect gentleman, so he was a wonderful guy to go with. The actual dancefloor was pretty small though, so I guess that was a hint for all of us to squeeze in closer together. I tried to dance as gracefully as I could, without full on grinding, and I hope that I succeeded. But that dance floor was pretty small...

After prom was one of the highlights of the night. We were just all so delirious at 3:00 am that everything seems hilarious. There was this one point when me and a bunch of friends, playing in an inflatable indoor lasertag arena (how awesome is that?), just collapsed onto the floor with laughter at how the game was going. Seriously. Having all those activities with exhausted people at 4 in the morning makes things so much funnier than it actually is.

Favorite reader!

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  1. True, we went to play basketball in the morning (without any sleep of course) and I was just giggling hysterically. Might have scared my will away hahha!


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