Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mock Trial

So in an act of "blatant stupidity", I had decided to join the Mock Trial team senior year. When I signed up, I didn't consider the long grueling hours we would have to devote to our case, nor the anxiety it would cause. I don't even know why I signed up, as it was too late to put on any of my college resumes. But my act of "blatant stupidity" has been a blessing in disguise, and I'm incredibly grateful for joining the team.

After winning three out of four trials, we had our first playoff match against a well-respected high school (Churchill). And boy, were we scared out of our wits.

  1. The first thing we saw as we entered the courtroom were their large impressive charts. 
  2. They're a school known for their academic success. Us? We're known for our partying.
  3. One of their lawyers had a hot Australian accent. Can you say distracting much? We needed to pay attention, not drool all over our documents! 
But surprisingly, after about two hours of intense trial, we won! By one tie-breaking point. It was all so intense and nerve wracking, but the reward definitely justifies all our hard work. That sense of achievement is always better when you know you worked your ass off. The opposing counsel (I love how I can talk a little lawyer lingo now =)) was obviously crushed because they lost by only one point, and I thought how easily that could have been us. But I'm glad its not. We are now the farthest our school's mock trial team has ever reached! I dream of being in the finals, but I'm not going to clear up my schedule anytime soon. I guess I should look ahead, one trial at a time. We play some Jewish private school up next. Wish us luck!

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