Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hair cuts work for some people. I mean take a look at Rob Pattinson. He raised his status (for me at least) from down right greasy to swoontastic.

 Exhibit A 

Ignore Reese in that photo. But doesn't he look so much better without the hair? Ok back to Reese for a moment. So they're playing lovers in this new film Water for Elephants (meh book. not too crazy about it), but she played his mother in the movie Vanity Fair a couple years ago. LOL, oh how Hollywood status can change so quickly. BUT that's semi-related to hair too! Justin Bieber would be no where without his bowl hair cut, and now that he cut it, he looks like a younger version of Ellen Degeneres. Now that lesbian arrested in ocean city must be happy since they no longer share the same mane. But I definitely think he looks younger/dykier now. Way to ruin your cred even more JBiebs. Did you hear? After cutting his hair, he lost 100,000 beliebers on twitter. LOL 
Selena is way too hot for him!

People who shouldn't have cut their hair:

She looks like a souless robot
I guess this could be cute...

Now, Michelle Williams and Carrie Mulligan can actually rock the do! 

I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled Friday. Wish me luck! I might post a picture of my blowfish sized cheeks if it's too funny to be embarassed of .

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