Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's 3:30 pm, and I've basically just woken up. Ok, I guess that's a lie, because I woke up at like 11:45, ate breakfast, watched TV, ate lunch, and took nap. So I'm just going to generalize and say say I woke up ten minutes ago. But the coming of Spring, beautiful weather, and stressful school week is really screwing up my productivity. This week was particularly hellish with newspaper "late-night," and my section was incredibly behind. Cue last minute scrambling for everything.

But to treat myself for all that hard work, I decided to go to one of my favorite places to be-- a used book store. This place is like a maze, with books cluttered on the shelves or falling off. It's the cute charming place you'll see in a movie, and wish to have in real life.   

So with the beautiful weather that's been approaching lately, working at an frozen yogurt shop is probably one of the more tiring places to be. Last night was our most successful night ever, and boy, I could feel it. People were waiting in lines to basically enter the store, and everything was just a mess. But it was so rewarding to see this at the end of the night
Yes, those are our cups overflowing the damn trash can.
And to top it off, I just found out that an old couple that I have been chatting it up with at the store for the past couple of months are the owners of the entire RIO (the shopping center). They're owners of multiple companies, a movie producer, and secret billionaire. No big deal or anything.

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