Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh 72 degree weather!

We welcome you, oh god of Sun and warm weather! Come sooner! That would mean spring, which leads to June, which leads to graduation, which leads to the much anticipated summer! Just so that I could worship you better, I rolled down my car windows, cranked up my music, and drove around like an obnoxious teenager. It's been the highlight of my week so far, but I know you have even better plans for us tomorrow.

Speaking of obnoxious driving, I had one of these moments today. Actually, I probably have one of those moments everyday. I really am a horrible driver. I really really don't know how, and why I fit into the stereotype so well. My friends can testify to the fact that I jump a curb at least every other day in my attempt to vacate the jammed school parking lot. Luckily nothing major has happened, but that's a big yet.  You shall know when I receive a ticket/obituary. Wow, that's really morbid. Knock on wood!

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