Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just a regular Saturday night...

As I sit in front of the computer on my freezing bony ass, as I have been for the past six hours, I think about how boring my life is. Like any high schooler, I : 
    1) Press snooze 1 billion times
    2) Rush into first period only 5 minutes late
    3) Be bombarded with homework. Delightful!
    4) Do said homework, ie. Facebook, Tetris, Hulu
    5) Head to bed at 1 am
    6) Rinse and repeat.

But oddly enough, as a high school senior, my life has not been that hellish this year. Why is that? I have been applying to colleges (7 total) AND doing my homework like everyone else, so what I am I doing right? Or maybe the question should be- what am I doing wrong? Whatever I'm doing, I have a shit load of time. And I am bored out of my mind. Living up to the stereotype, I have gone job hunting. And that led to an interesting scenario. Let me reenact.

Boss: You got the job!
Me: What?! YAAYYYYYYY!! Let me tell all my friends!!!
Three weeks later...
Me: Why haven't I worked? 
Co-worker: Oh I guess they're not telling you, but they let go half the staff.

So instead of working in the perfect store to be at in the middle of the winter, I am left rambling to whoever happens to read this. Who knows. Since no one has actually notified me yet, I'm not completely fired right? Right?? 

But until next time,
The Rambler

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