Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's cold.

It's cold outside right now. It's blustery, bone dry, bloody hell cold outside. And it's not going to snow anytime soon! What's the point of a cold day without snow to make it all the more cozier? But the arrival of the cold temperatures also means the arrival of the holiday season- aka the reason for existence.

Just thinking about holiday season makes my nose drool. Well not literally, since a drooling nose would mean...nevermind. But I mean, who can withstand the sweet smell of vanilla scents floating through the house or the cinnamon spice perfumes drifting through the air at the mall? Unless some sort of tragedy has befallen upon you, enjoy the holiday season as much as you can! Listen to Frank Sinatra croone out the deliciously nostaligic Christmas music or Mariah Carey belt out that sappy love song. My personal fave at the moment is my beautiful Josh Groban. He is 10^100 times more talented than Ke$ha or Rihanna, but he never gets his recognition. America these days...smh. 

But even Josh Groban can't fix my horrible news. My baby, my laptop, has died. I don't know what happened to it, but something happened to the hardware. From what my nose can pick up, I swear that it has melted from the inside. This must be it protesting the work i'm doing for my college applications. Yo go glenn coco! Except in its attempt to escape, you have  limited my resources as well. Oi. 

Hopefully it well get fixed soon, but in the meantime, a holiday cookie is calling my name from the kitchen. Yay! 

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