Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Connected to the world again!

After what seemed like ages to me, I am finally back in the world. After a little bump in the road with my laptop (or a major bump...) I have a new computer! Alas, it is not "mine," but it will do until my college laptop.

But now we're back to college again aren't we? This week has been critical for ambitious high school seniors who knew what they wanted very early on. I was one of those seniors, and my news wasn't as happy as some of my friend's. I was just breaming with envy as I read gleeful facebook statuses.  Yale? Check. Georgetown? Check. MIT? You betcha! Stanford?....anyone? And here begins my rant...

WHY ARE THESE SCHOOLS SO PICKY?!?!!? What more could they possibly ask of me? Almost perfect SAT scores, perfect GPA, leadership qualities in extracurricular please explain to me why, college admissions officer, why you rejected me? Honestly, I really want to know, so I can somehow improve my other college applications. It might be too late for your elite school, but help my chances elsewhere! Tell me, what are you looking for?

There was once a time when I lived on the website, and the discussion boards were filled with geniuses and prodigies. There was this one user, silverturtle, who was basically the epitome of the perfect applicant. 2400 SAT, 36 ACT, 800 SAT 2's, extracurriculars...etc. But he was deferred from YALE!!!!!! That just blew my mind. Literally. So imagine now how I feel about myself, with stats no where even near the ground he stands on, competing for that same spot. Why. Why world? If he can't get in, how will the rest of the world get in?

However, I did have my interview this past weekend, and my interviewer was incredibly enlightening. He went to Yale with a degree in Literature, and now he works at some computer design company, which has nothing to do with his major at all. So I guess its not what you get out of your education, its what you make of it. That's comforting...but


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