Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 39: 5 reasons you know you're a graduating college senior

1. Applying for graduation--What I have to apply for this? I thought four years of tuition and a passable GPA was enough!

2. Ignoring all emails that pertain to anything occurring beyond May--Pre-Registration? Surveys? As if. Good luck with that suckas, I'm outta here.

3. But then you're irrelevant at school after May. Life goes on without the class of 2015. NOOO...someone hug me.

4. You start reminiscing with all your friends about freshman year, and all the crazy nights everyone's had since. Exchanging those crazy hookup stories, jumping into awkward dance sessions, and all things Taylor Swift.

5. Then you start planning for all your futures and reunions. Who's going to get married first? Who's going to be most successful? Can I have a plus one? It's all a shitshow from here on out.

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