Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 20: AASA Love

Today marked the last day of my undergraduate career! It's weird that I won't ever be in another class at Georgetown again, and it's a bit unfortunate that my last class was one I didn't particularly enjoy, so all in all it felt a bit anticlimatic.

Today I said goodbye to my time in the Asian American Student Association. The organization has been a main priority of my college involvement, and I have made the best of friends from my three years in it. I literally walked on to the executive board without a second thought, and slowly I watched the organization grow into bigger and better things. I have watched underclassmen transform into flawless leaders, and seniors become wise old Asian men. Think Confucius wise (funny enough I took an entire class on Confucius). It been a pleasure engaging and exploring my own culture, and more importantly, embracing who I am.

Thank you AASA fambam. It was a great run.

Before Bae became Bae

2012 Transition dinner

Slowly growing into our own board! 

#Royalty status

Thanks AASA!

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