Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy New Year

So what things have I checked off my bucket list during this long hiatus?

1. Well....I turned 21!

Please excuse the ghettos greyed out portion, and also the evil looking picture. 

2. I ran through the fountain.

3. I danced at the Kennedy Center.
That's me in the front of many Barneys!

4. I survived my first bar crawl (as a drunken mess ofc)

Ok I know I probably should have achieved more during my absence. After all, it's been 5 whole months since I promised you all that I "started my bucket list." But don't judge me! It's not easy being a lazy senior. why I'm not giving you many promises for this semester. Second semester senior! It's like the status that we've been yearning for since high school graduation. Minus the parents and the protection of college after...

I was watching Pitch Perfect last night, and it genuinely freaked me out. Not because Anna Kendrick's Beca was almost kicked out of the Bellas acapella group, but because it made me realize that my college experience is essentially over. Say what?! My college memories have been solidified, and I can't choose a different path. Not that I would necessarily want to, but it is still scary knowing that activity fairs and new school year parties will be a thing of the past. I will never go to one again, and it terrifies me. I'm not ready to be an adult, and live on my own!! I'm not ready to move all the way across the country without my parents or my dog. Most importantly, I'm not ready to relinquish the excuse for it to be socially acceptable to watch movies like Pitch Perfect or High School Musical . Oh crap, I am not ready to work on this bucket list. In fact, I'm going to re-read some of my earlier blog posts

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  1. i still watch hunger games and pitch perfect! it's normal..


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