Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stood up

So lately, there has been someone special in my life. I've briefly mentioned him before, and you might even know him (he does have quite a reputation)! First name's Craig, last name List. As I've mentioned before, I've been trying to sell my furniture for the past few days. It's all been part of my summer project, or as my friend calls it, my quarter life crisis. But I've been having plenty of fun scouring the website every morning looking for a new possible bedroom set. The thrill of finding that perfect item perks me up, and the disappointment from both price and location disheartens me. It's an unpredictable roller coaster, ya hear? I guess you need to experience it to fully appreciate the ups and downs.

That being said, this past week someone offered to buy my furniture! You know, the one I linked here? After a few email correspondances, the buyer was coming to pick up that very same day. I was ready to smack all the haterz (chiefly my mother) in the face, and prove that I could do it, I could sell my furniture! We promptly moved everything downstairs, in anticipation for the buyers. So I waited that night...and waited...and waited. 7:00 turned to 9:00, which turned to 10:00. "Gee, is this what being stood up feels like?" And yes, I did get stood up. After a few more pestering emails, the person just straight up ignored me. So listen here ladies and gents, Craigslist will break your heart! I am currently residing in the guest room because, well, my room is completely void of furniture. So now, I am both room-less and buyer-less.

P.S. This post sounds a lot more pathetic than how I truly am. In fact, we're all laughing at this misfortune. Now if only someone will buy all this furniture off of me. I already threw in the box frame for free!

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  1. HAHA oh man you almost gave me a heart attack


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