Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

There's so much to be thankful at this time of year, so why not be cliche and list them all?

1) Friends. You be mah bitches, my hoes, my dudes. Without you all I probably wouldn't enjoy life--and thus I would jump off of bridges all the time. DUECES. (It has been recently brought to my attention that I have been using this word incorrectly. Oh noes.)

2) Family. Those peeps who are my income, my shelter, and my nourishment. Without them I wouldn't grace everyone else with my presence. Literally. Oh, and I guess their support is nice too. ;)

3) Health. Praise the lawd that no one is in the hospital this time of the year, and that it should stay this way forever.

4) Charlie. Cootie Patootie, thanks for welcoming me home poopy!

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