Sunday, November 13, 2011


A break from school is nice every once in a while (ok, maybe every week?) so this week I decided to go to Baltimore to visit my sister. I had planned everything out to the tee...ok not really. But I knew what the general plan was. I was going to take the MARC train, a cheap option that takes students from DC to Baltimore for only $5! I bought my ticket and everything...only to discover that it was veterans day and that  no trains were running. Hmm...ok, next choice, Amtrak? We were already at the amtrak station anyway, so it seemed to be the easiest option. But then I see a round trip ticket is $50+. NAH THANKS. So my friend and I (like hell my parents were going to let me go to Baltimore by myself) decided to take the Greyhound bus. A good while walk later, we purchase some bus tickets, but the bus comes 30 minutes late. Just our luck right? But to be fair, they gave us $25.00 vouchers for our next trip (20.00 bus trip+5.00 wasted MARC train ticket - $25.00 voucher=$0 spent!)

But the trip was well worth it. We slept, we ate, we watched Vampire Diaries, and repeated. I shopped until my card burned out. But it's nice to see holiday season already kicking in though. Christmas music blaring before Thanksgiving? My kind of mall. Which leaves me to start the countdown. 10 more days until I can go home! It's about time...

So thanks to my sister for a wonderful weekend away! I'm looking forward to the time when I can spend that $25.00 Greyhound voucher!

And thanks to ma boi Mitchell Bradford the third. We had a great journey navigating the mean streets of the Greyhound bus terminal.
Our only picture together. Holiday card? 

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