Sunday, May 1, 2011

T-minus 13 hours before AP Chem exam...and what? I'm writing a blog post? No biggie.

I've officially given up on Chemistry. Now that I know I'm not pursuing a degree in House lingo, and I won't even be taking chem in college, this will be the end of my relationship to

NO3- (nitrate), CO3 2- (carbonate), SO4 2- (sulfate)....

I've settled for getting a 2. Why not? My Chem teacher explicitly stated that she didn't care for our well being, so why should I care for her? My Calc teacher has jumped over hurdles for us, so I'm going pass just for him. That's what a teacher should be.

In other news, I had quite an eventful week. Today is May 1st, and thus the deadline for colleges. Good thing I did this last week!

     Proud pappa with a $900 deposit. Hello debt!

And then, on Monday, while I was looking my ugliest, this was at my doorbell. 

Sweetest (pun) gesture possible, and very flattering :) He made everything from scratch, and I could see all the detailed required.

Some random photos. 

Numbah one reader! 
Some of mah future Hoya's!

'Noming on a chocolate frog and a bertie bott bean

Had a great year working on Newspaper with these people! Love this pic too!

So I've spent a good amount of time looking through my photos and not studying for chem. 
Now I'm going to go jump off my roof now. Byeee :) 

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